Blueberry Ginger Digestion Smoothie

smoothie with nut butter

I have to tell you guys something…I have a serious smoothie addiction! All winter long I was slurping on smoothies while I trekked around Vermont in the snowy negative degrees. But you know what?! Now its summer, and the smoothie obsession is even more real! My go-to on these hot days is this blueberry ginger

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Feeding your body, and your soul

Hi peeps! Sorry for that title “feeding your body, and your soul”, i know its cheesy and so overused. I feel like a cooky yoga teacher just saying it in my head. But it came to me while I was dipping cookie dough bites in chocolate one afternoon and it just stuck. What I am

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Almond Milk Pulp Pizza Crust

One of my goals for this year has been to reduce the amount of waste I generate. This started in baby steps with recycling and reusable bags – thanks to my roommate’s love for all things environmental and water! I then took it a step further by purchasing Stasher Bag’s and composting once I moved

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