About Me

So glad you found me! Welcome to the clean plate club!

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A blog that explores food and eating through healthy recipes and ethical purchasing practices! So basically, it’s all about finding the balance between our health, animal’s health, and the environments health!

Its definitely a tricky balancing act, and I’m not going to lie, I sometimes feel like I’m walking a tiny tightrope, but that’s what the blog is for, trying to get to the other end of that tightrope!

The Girl Behind the Blog

I am a 20-something food loving, photo taking student. When I am not in class, you can find me in my kitchen whipping up a smoothie or baking something sweet!

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I also love the outdoors, and spend a good amount of time hiking, skiing, or swimming! I am a dog lover, and have dreams of traveling all over!

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Why the Clean Plate Club?

This blog began as a personal food and fitness instagram in the winter of 2016, but has evolved into so much more. With the instagram I was able to realize my love for cooking healthy, delicious meals. As I began to learn more about the food I was eating, my own morals and ethics became much more present in my cooking.

Although the more commonly known meaning for “clean plate club” describes finishing all of the food on your plate, that is SO not the intention of this blog. For me the clean plate club demonstrated the need to integrate healthy eating and lifestyle choices, with a consideration for the other parts of our ecosystem.

Looking for something specific? Here are my recommendations…